handmade electric guitars

Jaguar Relic

body: Alder

neck: Birdeyemaple

Fretboard: Rosewood

Pickups: Lollar

Price: 3200 Euros

Custom Telecaster aged.


body: swampash

neck: flamed maple

pickups: custom handemade with vintage coilwire wound

scale: 25,5 inch/648mm

weight: 3,2kg

Price: 2600 Euros



La cloud

This guitar is a homage to Prince. It is a reference to the famous Cloud, which was built by David Ruson in 1983 for Prince for the first time.

The guitar was designed in the summer of 2016 for a performance at the rock festival "L'Umbria che spacca" in Perugia, whose motto was "Rock is dead". There, various instruments were hand-painted.

The "Cloud" was painted by the Italian artist Daniele Pampanelli, who then sent it back to me for the final completion.

The painting is covered with a nitrocellulose lacquer in many thin layers to protect it. I refrained from converting the entire surface into a mirror-flat surface, since a millimeter thick lacquer layer was necessary and the original character of the painting would have been lost.

Scale 24.75'' (628 mm)
Weight: 6.6 lbs (3 Kg)
Body: American Alder
Neck and fretboard: Maple
Schaller chrome hardware
Schaller tremolo bridge
Neck Pickup: Single coil handmade by Grube Guitars
Bridge Pickup: hand made ceramic humbucker mod. Fat Freddy by Grube Guitars

Price: 4840 Euros with spanish VAT



La Híbrida

Semiacoustic guitar with a very special construction. The basis is the frame taken from the cut of a solid body guitar. the Little Sister.

The idea behind it is to make good use of the high quality tonewood that is left when you build a solid body guitar. An environment-friendly approach we're very proud of.


The tremolo is mounted in an unusual way, that you normally won't find in a semiacoustic guitar: it passes through the body, like in many solid body guitars. A frequency fine tuning is reached through the adjustment of the bridge; when left floating the top vibrates freely, giving a pleasant and very musical compressing effect, and a full tone with endless sustain.


If the bridge is adjusted flat on the guitar top, it gives a faster and stronger attack and a low frequencies tight response. Changing the tension can move or eliminate the feedback frequencies. This is particularly useful when playing in very loud situations.


The guitar has a very nice acoustic and electric tone, a warm sound with plenty of harmonics. Played acoustically it sounds louder than a solid body guitar, which makes it the perfect choice to play unplugged in the nighttime.


Three handwired P90´s give many different sound combinations.


Scale: 648mm

Maple top

Mahogany bottom and neck

Alder and Mahogany central blocks

Rosewood fretboard

Schaller hardware

5 position pickup selector

Price: 4719 Euros with spanisch VAT


Little Sister

It is called Little sister because its body is made from the same block of Swamp Ash used for the frame of La Híbrida.


The guitar is made of two pieces of Swamp Ash with a bolt-on Birdseye Maple neck, and it is also available with an Alder body.

The neck pickup is a handwired Grube single coil with a chrome cover.


A special Schaller P90 pickup with double bobbin in the bridge position allows two different configurations. The true, rough P90’s sound with just one bobbin, or a hotter, hum free tone with both bobbins on.


This guitar has Gotoh tuners and a Wilkinson tremolo. Future models will be also available with Schaller hardware and handwired humbuckers or a classic P90 in the bridge position.


Scale: 628mm

Double action truss-rod

Volume-tone with a push-push potentiometer Three position CTS pickup selector 

Price 2299 Euros with spanish VAT

Little sister/ alderbody


There are some tecnical difference between the two little sisters.

This one has an alderbody . Also has a one piece maple neck ,but it is glued on.

Hardware:  Schaller

Pickup neck: handewired singlecoil Stratstyle

Pickup bridge: Handwired Humbucker vintagestyle

3 postion pickupselector

Scale: 628 mm

One push push poti permits toswitchthe bridgepickup between Humbucker and singlecoil.

Price: 2299 Euroswith spanish VAT


La Semi

The frame of this guitar is made of the same wood block used for the Cadillac. It is the very first instrument made with this techinique.


The guitar has a Maple top and a American Mahogany bottom. The central block is also made of Mahogany. The neck is Maple with a 22-fret ebony fingerboard. The pickups are mounted in the central block and not on the guitar top. This special construction greatly reduces unwanted feedback.


All Grube semiacoustic guitars are equipped with P90’s or mini humbuckers, to avoid mounting the pickups on the top.

The guitar sounds much better than regular machine-made semiacoustic guitars, because of the Maple top, that is made with the same technique used in high end archtop guitars.


Scale: 638mm

Gotoh Tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece

Kluson tuners

Di Marzio P90 in bridge position, Di Marzio humbucker in neck position

Volume-tone-tone with one push-pull potentiometer to choose between sigle coil or humbucker 

Price: 3630 Euros with spanish VAT

El Dragon

One of my personal guitars. El Dragon has a classic design.

The body is made of American Mahogany with a European Maple top.


Chambers carved in the body reduce the weight. The Maple neck has an ebony 24-fret fingerboard. The dragon inlay is made by hand and gives the guitar an individual and peculiar taste.


The two handwired humbuckers have an important role in creating the great tone this guitar provides. Two push-pull potentiometers let select between humbucker o single coil.


Scale: 638mm

Schaller tremolo

Tone Pros blockable tuners

3700 Euros with spanish VAT


The body of the Classic is made of one piece of African Mahogany with a Curly Maple top.

The body has the same shape of the El Dragon. The neck is made of European Flame Maple with a Rosewood fingerboard.


Two handwired P90’s give the guitar a clear open sound with a warm wood tone.

Perfect for both pristine clean and cutting overdriven sounds. Also avaible with the Duosonic P90.


Scale: 628mm

Gotoh Tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece.

Schaller tuners

Price: 2710 with spanish VAT

La Cadillac

SOLD, only for demand

The guitar has a two piece Alder body with a Maple neck and Rosewood 22-fret fingerboard.

It is a light guitar, very comfortable to play and to carry on. Avaible with two humbuckers or P90’s


Sale: 648mm

Schaller tremolo

Kluson tuners

Three position CTS pickup switch


Price: 2299 with spanish VAT

La Strat

The classic Stratocaster design with a pickup configuration that gives a rich, thick response with every pickup combination. The Nitro finish has the typical cracks and wear that good road worn instruments typically have. 


Scale: 25.5'' (648 mm)

Weight: 8.2lbs (3,7 Kg)

Wilkinson 6-screw vintage bridge

Kluson tuners

Bridge pickup: Suhr

Middle pickup: Suhr

Neck pickup: DiMarzio humbucker (single coil sized)

Special offer :  1600 Euros with spanish VAT

El Rockman

A 24 fret bass with a very light Ash body, Maple neck and Ebony fretboard.

The idea behind the Rockman is to build a punchy, fat sounding Sting Ray-style bass, but lighter and more comfortable. 

It features a 3-band EQ and a bass boost for a more slap-focused tone. It sounds very well defined and versatile.


Scale: 34'' (864 mm)

Weight: 8.8 lbs (3,9 Kg)

Electronic: Seymour Duncan active humbucker

Bridge: ABM

Tuners: Warwick

Price: 2122 Euros with spanish VAT