About Grube Guitars

Grube Guitar was founded in Barcelona by the German electric guitar builder Sebastian Grube in 2011.


Sebastian started building electric guitars in 1987. At the beginning he made them for himself or on demand, but soon he started to do it professionally. He did practice in guitars and pianos workshops and in 1993 he shared a workspace with the Berliner luthier Deimel, founder of the brand Deimel Guitarworks. From 2008 he started his own activity as professional guitar builder and in 2010 he moved to Barcelona.


Grube Guitars core  business is electric guitars and basses building. The whole process, from body and neck shaping to fretting, electronics installation, painting and decorating is strictly handmade. No machine is involved in any part of the process. 


This physical, totally artesanal approach gives each instrument built in the workshop a very special feel. The touch a hand shaped guitar neck has is different from a machine-made one. A CNC machine takes few minutes to turn a piece of wood into a guitar neck. Shaping a neck by hand, using rasps, knives, chisels and sandpaper, takes many hours, knowledge, devotion and patience. And all of these characteristics have one thing in common: they take time. The same time it takes to a musician to learn to play his instrument, the same devotion, the same patience. This is the reason why Sebastian Grube chose to use just his hands and the traditional luthier tools for his work. As a form of respect to musicians.


The same philosophy is applied to guitars repairs. Working on a 1951 Fender Telecaster, or on a 70's Gibson SG, is not something that can be taken easily. And this is something Grube Guitars customers know. The attention to details is crucial to make sure that a vintage instrument not only works properly, but that its "historic integrity" is respected. This is why restoring and repairing at Grube are taken so seriously, and why a vintage Strat that comes out of Grube workshop will always play vintage.